Free spirited fashion for slow travel

Robe de Voyage is steeped in the need to slow down; embracing slow fashion, slow travel, taking time to look, feel and dream. Appreciating the beauty and value of traditional skills in creating textiles by hand.

Founder Jess Linklater spent her early career as a fashion designer in Paris, jetting back and forth to India and the Far East producing collections of pret-a-porter. It was during her time living in hotels, that she grew tired of the bulky hotel dressing gown, and came up with an idea to design a lightweight robe that could be thrown in a bag without a second thought; a robe with personality that could be worn in the elevator from hotel bedroom, to pool, without looking like a snowman.  

A romantic photograph of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart looking effortlessly chic sharing breakfast in the Congo, captured Jess's free spirited imagination and drawing on her own travel experiences she set out to create the perfect travel robe, a check-in essential that would make you feel at home wherever you land. 

Drawing on her experiences at the Royal College of Art and contacts in Paris, Jess combined her knowledge of skilled weavers in West Bengal, and transformed “Scribble”, her signature print painted in her London studio, into a versatile collection of robes, pyjamas and nightshirts, all screen printed by hand and individually assembled in Delhi. 

"Scribble" the print that launched the brand is painted with a single brush stroke and inspired by ripples of sunlight on water and the vibrant colours of three of her favourite destinations: Zanzibar, Kyoto and Malabar.

Whether you’re on the sleeper to Venice, a Greek island hop or simply spending the morning unwinding, Robe de Voyage can set you free to travel where your heart desires. Every garment is unique, a labour of love: an original work of art that you will never want to travel without.