Care Advice

The utmost care has been taken in the hand weaving and hand printing process of all our garments. Prologued exposure to bright sun light, especially if left hanging in a sunny window, may result in fading of some shades.  Some irregularities are inherent to the nature of hand weaving and form an integral part of "khadi's" aesthetic qualities, and should not be considered a fault. 

In general we recommend avoiding wearing our robes over soaking wet swim suits that contain chlorinated water and then sitting in the sun, hot sun combined with chlorinated water can sometimes lead to a reaction with the natural dyes that we use to create certain colours, causing the print to look smudged. 

Please note that every one of our products has been hand crafted as opposed to mass produced, so during the process slight variations in colour and fabric may occur, which we believe gives the collection its strength of individuality and beauty.

However, if you are not happy with your purchase, please let us know as soon as you receive it or within 14 days and we will be happy to make an exchange or refund on receipt of the item in original condition with all hang tags and perfume free. Garments that are returned with pet hairs on are not accepted or you you will be charged for dry cleaning.