RdV with Charlotte and Emile

Charlotte is an Executive Producer at Iconoclast in Paris, and Emile is Head of Ted prize winning photographer JR's studio in Paris - a very cool couple who spend a lot of time travelling around the world. 

We met them on holiday in the South of France...

RdV - Between you, you've had a super busy year...

E - Yes, I produced two important projects at the Centre Pompidou and Musee du Louvre for JR while Charlotte produced a secret commercial in the South of France, and then I spent a few weeks during the summer in Rio at the Olympics to build new and gigantic JR installations.

C - On my side, I produced jobs all over Europe and got pregnant...I gave birth on January 1st so it was a cool way to end 2016 and start 2017.

RdV - Where was your last trip?

E - My last trip was to Brazil for the Olympics where JR had been invited to produce, and I also went to Moscow for a new top secret project, that city is crazy, very interesting.

C - I haven’t travelled abroad for months because of my pregnancy, but I have managed to travel in France to Provence, Marseille, The Pyrenees and Burgundy. No need to travel far to visit special places, France is great for that.

RdV - Do you travel light? 

E - We don't really travel light for different reasons. Maybe we don't like it when something is missing from our suitcase.  

C - I can travel light if I have to, but I like to have all my "gear" for every occasion in my suitcase! What Emile does not say is that he’s a master perfectionist at packing, his suitcases are like 3D tetris, perfectly shaped and ordered.

RdV - How do you juggle a family with careers that take you away for so long? 

E - Organisation and helpful families!

C - Yes, our parents and sisters help us a lot.

RdV- What's the longest journey you've been on?

E - Brazil this summer was quite long. I am not used to being away for 3 weeks. 10 or 12 days are the maximum usually.

C - When I was thirty years old, I traveled to Buenos Aires for a job and stayed there for 2 years… that’s the longest I have done!

RdV - Where's the hardest place you've ever had to work? 

E - Sierra Leone, Liberia, Kenya or even in India for the Women Are Heroes project were probably the hardest. But installing the Louvre anamorphosis was quite a nightmare as well and only 5 metro stations away from home !

C - The worst experience I had was in Ukraine, I was there for a job and it was terrible in every sense. I obviously didn’t meet the right people and didn’t go to the right places as I imagine not everything is horrible there, but that’s pretty much the experience I had. When I left on the plane, I prayed to never go back.

RdV - Where's your favourite place to relax and why? 

E - My apartment and Charlotte's house in the South. We can have friends coming, kids have space to play and I love the fact that you can stay in this house without going out for days…

C - Same for me, my house in South of France in a tiny village of Ariège is the best place to do nothing with special friends, which is what holidays are about.

RdV - What makes Mirepoix so special? 

E - The sun, the air, the food, no obligations and the idea to always have a glass of good wine with friends to finish the day. 

C - Mirepoix is a Medieval village in Ariège which is a remote place at the feet of the Pyrenees. What makes it so special is that I imagine that it has not changed a lot since a few hundred years. The spirit is very calm and quiet (is it the Pyrenees air?) and the local food is delicious. The house I have is pretty big and it’s always full of friends and/or family. We have big tables for dinner and lunch that often end up in poker games or board games, giant aperitif with cocktails, the kids prepare shows in the garden, and everybody naps at some point during the day. It’s the real "dolce vita".

RdV - What is you're ideal day in Mirepoix? 

C - A long breakfast eating croissant and reviewing French gossip magazines, long lunches with a bit of wine (it’s the summer holiday, it is allowed), small nap (wine helps), a bit of swimming pool, maybe a brocante than back to aperitif and a long dinner with a game that goes with the desert.

E - Exactly 

RdV - Mountains or sea?

E - Depends, but sea mainly.

C - I'm a mountain girl, sorry Emile!